ACI as a Transit: Routing Checkboxes

ACI Transit Overview As we continue to deploy fabrics we always joke about these routing checkboxes shooting us in the foot.  We play with different scenarios in the lab to ensure we understand how these pesky boxes work and what other options we have for future...

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ACI L4-7 Unmanaged Go-Through Mode (Transparent FW)

L4-L7 Unmanaged Go-Through Mode L4-7 Unmanaged Go-Through Mode (Transparent FW) I have been playing around with service graphs quite a bit and wanted to share my findings with deployment.  This lab deployment of service graphs using the ACI fabric (2.2(1n), an ASAv...

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Snabb Switch Update on Software Gone Wild

we did a series of podcasts on Snabb Switch (Snabb Switch and OpenStack, Deep Dive), a software-only switch delivering 10-20 Gbps of forwarded bandwidth per x86 core. In the meantime, Snabb community slowly expanded, optimized the switching code, built a number of...

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Review: Ansible for Networking Engineers

An engineer attending Ansible for Networking Engineers online course sent me this feedback: This is a great place to learn Ansible and Network Automation from scratch. Starting with an emphasis on the fundamentals (YAML, JSON, Jinja2, how to group your network devices...

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