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CorLogix CRM (2011)

CorLogix CRM , Developed with PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and MySQL (2011) Chipco Computer Distributors, Columbia, South Carolina

CorLogix CRM is a brief web based CRM system that I developed while I was working at Chipco as a system analyst. This simple application is developed as a customized and quick solution to support sales and marketing operation of CorLogix, a subsidiary of Chipco with focus on medical market. The software is developed in a very short amount of time and it offers powerful tools for researching customers, keeping records, analyzing opportunities and generating flexible reports.

Support Ticketing System (2005)
Support Ticketing System, Developed with ASP, MS SQL (2005)

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) – National Iranian Oil Company , Tehran, Iran

Support is a web based help desk ticketing system that I designed and developed for RIPI’s IT department. After working for couple of month as a help desk at RIPI, I found the service process to be inefficient and time consuming. On the other hand there was a lack of proper documentation in the process which has made the decision making process very difficult for the management team. I came with an idea of developing a web based ticketing system to replace the existing procedures. I developed the initial version of the application on my own time and I introduced the concept to the organization. Using a web based ticketing system to manage help desk services was a fresh idea at the time and I got a very positive feedback from the management team. After almost 18 month of development and expansion, we ended up with a comprehensive and powerful solution for managing the helpdesk services. This simple idea revolutionized the help desk service process and greatly improved the productivity of the team. The software has a very unique approach to control the flow of an order from ticket creation to final problem documentation. My efforts in promoting the idea and developing software were greatly appreciated by IT department’s management team. The software is still being used by organization after almost 9 years. Process control, document pooling, hardware management, ad-hoc report generator and productivity analyzer are some features of this software.

Kinetic Simulation Database Software (2003)
Kinetic Simulation Database Software , Developed with Visual Studio and MS SQL (2003)

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) – National Iranian Oil Company , Tehran, Iran

KSDS is a database for storing and retrieving kinetic reactions related to catalyst research projects at RIPI. The software is designed and customized to collect detailed information about various chemical reactions. The software provides a robust search tool to search and compare different reactions based on different criteria. It also provides an interface to other software such as SPSS (statistical analysis) or simulation software. I was involved in design and development of this project.

CATAINFO , Developed with ASP and MS SQL (2006)
National Iranian Petrochemical Company – Research and development Center, Tehran, Iran

CATAINFO is a web based solution that I developed for R&D department of NIPC. This software play the role of a central point of contact for researchers by providing a portal to store and retrieve detailed information about Catalyst related research projects across the country. Support for different type of media files and a powerful search tool are some characteristics of the software.

RIPI Commerce (2004)
RIPI Commerce , Developed with Visual Studio, MS SQL and Crystal Reports (2004)

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) – National Iranian Oil Company , Tehran, Iran

Commerce is progress management software that is developed for RIPI’s commerce department. The project started with basic analysis of the requirements but later extended to a more thorough analysis which took over 14 month to complete. The major objective of software is to manage the progress of RIPI’s business agreements including projects, contracts and laboratory services. The software has a key role in managing RIPI’s business agreements and was planned to be a core module in RIPI’s ERP system. I was involved in the system analysis and I successfully developed the initial version of the software as an interim solution. The ERP project didn’t proceed as expected and I continued to add many new modules to the software. The software was used by RIPI’s commerce department as a critical tool till year 2010 and eventually replaced by ERP system. Some main features of software are account management, fast search capabilities, document management, data exchange interfaces and powerful report generators.

Jhinoo (2002)
Jhinoo , Developed with Visual Studio and MS Access (2002)

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) – National Iranian Oil Company , Tehran, Iran

Jhinoo is customer support database software that I developed for RIPI’s customer services department as my first software project at RIPI. The software mainly used by customer services department as an effective tool in tracking customer orders and providing a fast response to customer calls. The software is developed with VB and MS Access. Account management, order check, search tools, data export & import capabilities and flexible reports are some features of the software